National Seminar on Case Study in Counselling (SKKK2017) 'Dimensional Diversity in Case Study of Psychology and Counselling'


Counselling is a professional field that emphasizes the basic helping skills of individuals to change their lives. Beginning with the principle of self-improvement, the field of counselling focuses more on the diversity of techniques and interventions that can be applied by individuals who are in a helping profession. By applying the basic principles and psychological theories in the counselling field, it is also seen as a method that can be applied in helping people to go through the process of changing social behavior. Case study applications have become a trend in various fields related to social development where they will provide clear picture of the theories and practices. This case study method can be used as reference material in introducing skills or interventions related to any counselling and psychological issues which are conducted by researchers and practitioners. This seminar is also seem as means to produce publications which emphasize the outcome of the case study especially in the field of counselling and psychology, and it can be upgraded to a higher level. 

Seminar Objectives
• To introduce more practical research findings in areas related to psychology and counselling
• To discuss the latest initiatives, innovative and creative thinking in applying psychology and counselling knowledge for the changes of human social behaviour
• To encourage research innovation and sharing of psychology and counselling practices through case study presentation, and keynote discussion
• To strengthen the collaboration among academics and practitioners in enhancing psychology and counselling services

Date and Venue
• 23 – 24 August 2017
• School of Applied Psychology, Social Work & Policy, Universiti Utara Malaysia

Target Group
• Academicians, practitioners in psychology and counselling fields, government officers, policy makers, NGOs, students, and individual who are interested.

Main Theme
Dimensional Diversity In Case Study of Psychology and Counselling

Sub Theme
• Environmental Psychology (eg: poverty, terrorism, environmental change, criminal psychology)
• School Psychology & Counselling (eg: bully, Gangsterism, academic performance, school culture etc)
• Counselling Supervision (eg: supervisory relationship, supervision, ethics, etc)
• Counselling and Spirituality
• Financial Counselling
• Couple, Family and Marriage Issues
• Growth and Developmental Issues Among Adolescents
• Counselling Professionalisme
• Gerontology Issues (eg: Elderly, Care-givers, Self-adjustment)
• Other related themes